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Pain and Symptom Management

Manage living with chronic pain

  • 1 hour
  • £70
  • Online or face to face appointments available

Service Description

Some medical conditions mean living with a level of pain on a daily basis. Pain is the body's alert signal to protect that which is vulnerable, so to some degree it is useful. But if chronic pain interferes significantly with your quality of life, hypnotherapy may be able to provide some relief. While hypnosis may not always be able to remove all pain, it can usually significantly reduce it, by working with the way your mind interprets pain signals. The pain is actually experienced in our mental processing of it. It is the reason why patients who have lost limbs still report feeling pain where the limb used to be. It is also why hypnosis is so effective as an anaesthetic that it has even been used in place of conventional anaesthesia for patients undergoing surgery.

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