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Ali Ball

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Experience Change

   Integrated Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Coaching and Counselling     

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What Clients Say

"Starting hypnotherapy was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made for my mental health. Ali made me feel comfortable and understood. We would start each session with a general discussion and each hypnosis was specifically suited to my needs and problem areas. I started noticing huge changes in my mental state-my depressive episodes were much shorter and less intense, and my anxiety felt much more manageable.

To this day I notice positive changes months after completing hypnotherapy, after previous bad experiences.

Ali made me regain trust in effectiveness of therapy. I couldn't recommend her enough"


Hello, I'm Ali. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist. I also use an additional, powerful therapy called EMDR (see below), alongside talk-therapy and counselling too.

I'm based in NE London and offer online as well as face to face therapy, which is remarkably effective.

My approach is to ensure that therapy is never generic, but absolutely tailored to you and holistic in design. No two people are the same, but everybody has a route to effective change.


I started out as an actor then worked in secondary education, teaching for many years. I came to hypnotherapy because it was so transformative in my own life. It helped me to manage a range of autoimmune conditions and to eradicate unhealthy habits and thought patterns.

If you've read this far it's likely that there's something in your life which you'd like to change or improve. That never ends, does it? We're all a perpetual 'work in progress'. Sometimes, however,  we become 'stuck', and feel trapped or unhappy. We forget that patterns of behaviour which don't serve us-  such as phobias; or habits like nail biting or smoking; even negative self-talk- are responses we learned and developed over time. They weren't always there- we grew into them. And it's easier than you might imagine to grow out of them.


Neuroplasticity is our brain's ability to create new neural pathways, or alternative ways of responding to a stimulus or trigger. Under hypnosis our ability to do that is accelerated, as the deeply relaxed mind is in 'programmable' mode.

There really isn't a limiting belief or behaviour that can't be changed, once you identify and commit to replacing it.

And hypnosis feels really nice. You're conscious throughout and there's no 'weird magic'; it's really just a deep, and very natural, state of relaxation.

Whatever change you'd like to experience, please feel free to make contact. I'm happy to chat (no obligation), so you can decide if hypnotherapy is the right choice for you. 



How I Can
Help You

If you don't see what you are looking for below, please message or call to enquire.

It is not possible to list every condition, but these are some of the more common areas I work in.

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