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Clinical Hypnotherapy

  If you're experiencing any issues associated with anxiety, self-confidence, fear or trauma, hypnotherapy could make a big difference to your quality of life.

It’s particularly effective in treating phobias- or if you would like to 'kick a habit' and make better life choices. Sometimes changing just one thing can lead to improvement in other areas.

Limiting self beliefs, fears or damaging life experiences hold us back, preventing us from being the best (and happiest) we can be.

But change is possible. Hypnotherapy will help you to overcome your fears and move on.



'The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind'

                                                               ~William James

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Your mind is an incredible thing. Our thinking impacts enormously upon psychological, emotional and physical well-being. Many have explored the mind-body connection; case-studies examining the healing power of self-belief make incredible reading.

There's nothing 'crazy' about hypnosis. It's a perfectly safe and normal state which occurs naturally on a daily basis. It's a state of deep relaxation, rather like that feeling between waking and sleep, where the conscious mind is peaceful and the unconscious mind active (that part of your brain where beliefs, memories and fears are deeply stored).  

Nobody can make you think, feel or reveal anything you're uncomfortable with; you are in control throughout and aware of the process. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

We're all capable of change, healing and reinvention- but lasting change can take time. That's why when someone tries to stop smoking, for example, they may fail initially, making multiple attempts before they finally succeed. In finding better ways to respond to challenges or triggers, our brains gradually build new neural pathways. 

Under hypnosis, however, new pathways and responses are forged faster- and working with the unconscious mind ensures they are deepened effectively.

It is possible to break free from an habitual, outdated or conditioned response.

Ultimately only you can make the change, but hypnotherapy will help. 

I'm based in Bloomsbury and Hackney/Islington (home visits are sometimes possible).

I deal with a wide range of problems, ranging from simple habits like nail biting, through managing health issues such as asthma and IBS, to more complex memory, emotional and relationship issues.

Have a look at some of the more common conditions hypnotherapy can treat and click on the picture links for more information.


If you're interested in finding out more about how hypnotherapy could benefit you,

call me for a 'no obligation' chat.

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